2-kyo Magic

I apologize for the sad attempt at a pun, but I don't apologize for this amazingness I'm about to tell you. SO, while I was riding the bus back from Tokyo, I stumbled upon this video. 2- ケプラー  (Kepler) If you read The Pains of August and Yutaro Furutachi, you'll understand why I had a silent … Continue reading 2-kyo Magic


The (Last) Train to Busan

Okay, it's not really the LAST train to Busan---and I had taken a plane, but movie references! Anyway, I got back from my first trip to South Korea a few days ago and it was a really interesting experience! Unfortunately, I didn't get anything music related, as K-pop is extremely accessible across the globe. On … Continue reading The (Last) Train to Busan

逢いたくて 会いたくて?

In anticipation for the meet up with my friends in Tokyo, I've been happily skipping to work with Reddog's 「逢いたくて」blarring from my headphones. For those of you still learning Japanese, 逢いたくて is read like あいたくて, but I recently learned that the nuance is different from the commonly used 会いたくて, meaning 'I want to meet'. Apparently, … Continue reading 逢いたくて 会いたくて?

Live Report 2: Osaka Metrock 2017. 5.14

  Location: 海とのふれあい広場 Accessibility: 3/5(had trouble finding the train line to take, but that's likely Google's fault) Venue: 5/5(they offered a free shuttle and cheap bus services between the venue and station; I could easily travel from stage to stage; merchandise was available until the final performers)  Audience: 4/5 (depended on the band, but overall … Continue reading Live Report 2: Osaka Metrock 2017. 5.14