Horror Night

Tonight, my new friend and I decided to get together for a girl's night in with snacks and horror movies. It got me thinking about the eerie tunes I enjoy on those foggy days to help set the mood. Surely I'm not the only one who loves doing that. Although haunted houses freak me out, … Continue reading Horror Night


Live Report 2: Osaka Metrock 2017. 5.14

  Location: 海とのふれあい広場 Accessibility: 3/5(had trouble finding the train line to take, but that's likely Google's fault) Venue: 5/5(they offered a free shuttle and cheap bus services between the venue and station; I could easily travel from stage to stage; merchandise was available until the final performers)  Audience: 4/5 (depended on the band, but overall … Continue reading Live Report 2: Osaka Metrock 2017. 5.14

Live Report 1: 2017.4.2 Nagoya Club Quattro

Headliner: NUBO Opening: SHANK Tickets: Accessed through  http://t.pia.jp/; 2800円 Performance rating: 5/5 (excellent stage presence) Audience: 4/5 (highly interactive) Venue: 4/5 (small, but comfortable. They had an open bar and accessible merch booths) Let me start by saying that the artist I went to see was SHANK, a punk band reminiscent of the "Basketcase" days … Continue reading Live Report 1: 2017.4.2 Nagoya Club Quattro

An Apple a Day

(Pic credit to Skream) Consisting of unique vocals (Motoki Omori), a complementary keyboard (Ryoka Fujisawa), speedy guitar riffs (Hiroto Wakai), a jamming bass line (Kiyokazu Takano), and precise drumming (Ayaka Yamanaka), Mrs. Green Apple is an indie rock band you never really forget once you hear them. I became a fan after hearing their song … Continue reading An Apple a Day