When I first moved to Japan as an English teacher (shocker, there!), the one thing I told my friends I wouldn’t do is start a blog. I could barely keep a Japanese diary, and that was only to practice Japanese! My life isn’t terribly interesting and I’m not a romantic, so what the hell would I write about?

Well, even before moving to Japan, when I was as young as ten, I was memorizing Japanese lyrics from my favorite anime, and then I began to find music used outside of anime in my mid-teens. Music has always been that one thing that makes me truly excited, as my Facebook friends know from the countless videos I post alongside pictures from my trips to Tower Records.  In fact, 9/10 times when meeting new people, the first thing I ask is “What music do you like?”

However, because a lot of the music I listen to is often unheard of, making a deep connection with someone can be difficult. I have many friends in Japan, but the conversation always stops short at the mention of an upcoming concert of some band I heard the other day. More often than not, I go to all these concerts by myself and fully enjoy them, but just like with anything done alone, there’s no one to re-experience it with. That’s how the idea for this blog came about.

While this blog will cover mostly Japanese artists (it’s the majority of my music), I’ll also include artists from other parts of the world like the Middle East, Europe, China, Korea, America, and Russia. I’ll also offer a bit of song/video analysis to open a discussion on not only the song lyrics but cultural implications, etc.