Horror Night

Tonight, my new friend and I decided to get together for a girl’s night in with snacks and horror movies. It got me thinking about the eerie tunes I enjoy on those foggy days to help set the mood.

Surely I’m not the only one who loves doing that. Although haunted houses freak me out, I absolutely love the creepy atmosphere of horror. Here are my top five horror songs:

1) “Black Fairy” from Silent Hill 2
Now…I did warn you, this IS horror music, and what’s horror without Pyramid Head? I don’t know if this is his THEME, but…I thoroughly enjoy this song. I sometimes listen to it when I meditate or when I’m reading. The repetitive static makes good white noise, especially when studying for a test. However, I can imagine the initial metallic clanking of Pyramid Head’s sword can be a little startling, especially if you have this on repeat.

2) “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” from Resident Evil 7
I was definitely more of a Silent Hill person growing up, but I’d grown up knowing this series and finally tried it out for myself. Via walkthrough. Because I have no game system in my current apartment. I found this game to be quite interesting, though, and this song is what ultimately pulled me in. This haunting melody is reminiscent of an old record that’s playing the same verse over and over.

3) “Death Letter” Johnny Farmer (from The Skeleton Key)
I think it’s the African in me that draws me to this bluesy sound. I never really grew up around it and wasn’t exposed to it until later in life, but I ended up loving music about black magic and death. The supernatural has always fascinated me. When I visited New Orleans, the first thing I wanted to buy were the mini Voodoo dolls, but of course, I didn’t. I don’t want to say I BELIEVE, but….hahaha, I know better than to mess with that shit, even if it’s touristy.

4) “House of the Rising Sun” rendition by Lauren O’Connell (from American Horror Story: Coven)
I guess it’s no surprise I like this song, given what I just mentioned in the song blurb above, but the entire premise of American Horror Story: Coven is my taste. I mean, you have New Orleans, VooDoo, and blues music! What more could I ask for??

5) “Twisted Nerve” Bernard Herrmann (from Kill Bill and American Horror Story: Murderhouse)
I first encountered this song on American Horror Story and thought it was so cool for Tate’s character. I actually went searching for the full version and was surprised to see that it was actually a really famous song. Haha. Better late than never! What I think makes this song so famously terrifying is the casual attitude of the whistler against the unsettling background music; the listener knows something bad is happening, but the whistler goes against our expectations by humming a light-hearted melody. I’m no expert in how terror works, but it’s definitely interesting to ponder.

What are the songs you listen to when you’re in the mood for a bit of a scare?


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