He told me he liked Slipknot

About a week ago, I met this guy who has this extremely nostalgic taste in music. He started listing off bands I hadn’t listened to in years, Slipknot and Bring Me the Horizon to name a few. Under his influence, I began to look back into my high school playlist, which I’d been replacing with more and more Japanese titles. And…as much as I love them, it was quite refreshing not to listen to ELLEGARDEN for once, who’ve somehow become my soundtrack for my ten-minute walk to work. Here are a few artists I’ve been jamming to this week. Does it strike a chord?

1) “Nice2KnoU” All Time Low
Despite their changes in sound, lead vocalist, Alex Gaskarth’s vocals always bring me back to when their video for “Dear Maria” had been leaked in 2008, which had sent my friend and I bolting for our computers. This was back when Youtube’s 200px was good quality! Oh lord. >__< We had been such big fans that we’d even made an All Time Low comic series, although we’d never gotten the chance to send it to the band.

2) “King for a Day” Pierce the Veil
I think I was actually at university when I first heard this band. I remember how I’d initially cringed at the vocalists’ falsetto, but now I have three of their albums. This was the song that essentially pulled me into their fanbase. All their albums have interesting concepts revolving around love, death, and revival while incorporating their Mexican-American heritage. Their album “Collide with the Sky” is my favorite album.

3) ““I Caught Fire” The Used
Ooooh, those Warped Tour days! I saw these guys for the first time with my best friend in San Francisco, Pier 39! I was about 14 at the time—14 or 15. They’d been touring with My Chemical Romance at the time, and all I can really remember is Gerard Way’s bright red hair. I’d dyed my hair just like his. Hahaha! I wonder if they still keep in touch; My Chemical Romance and The Used were best friends for some time. You never really talked about one without talking about the other.

4) “Writing on the Walls” Underoath
I was a really big fan of these guys in high school. I had this shirt I’d wore that said “Underoath, where America goes to Die” and there was a picture of Florida on it. I wore that shirt until it was nothing but rags, and then I still try to wear it! Haha! I was so happy when I saw them at Warped Tour; I’d even gotten the chance to meet the keyboardist! I was shaking so much, and my hands were full of all the merchandise I’d bought. I felt so awkward. Haha!

5)”F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X” The Fall of Troy
I remember listening to this…on my damn CD player. Hahaha! In the States, you used to get free sample CDs with your Alternative Press subscription, but I don’t know if they still do that. That’s where I first discovered these guys, and this continues to be one of my favorite songs. Apparently, its popularity earned it a spot on Guitar Hero 3.

What songs bring you back to those good ol’ hormone-induced days?? I’d love to hear from you!


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