Life is Dark Indie

Pic credit to wccftech So I've recently been into the popular game series, Life is Strange. It has a pretty solid fanbase, but if you're unfamiliar with the story, I'll give you a bit of backstory. In the first series of games, Life is Strange, the main character, Max, discovers that she has time-traveling capabilities. With … Continue reading Life is Dark Indie


逢いたくて 会いたくて?

In anticipation for the meet up with my friends in Tokyo, I've been happily skipping to work with Reddog's 「逢いたくて」blarring from my headphones. For those of you still learning Japanese, 逢いたくて is read like あいたくて, but I recently learned that the nuance is different from the commonly used 会いたくて, meaning 'I want to meet'. Apparently, … Continue reading 逢いたくて 会いたくて?