Live Report 6: MUSIC ZOO Kobe (Slimcat vs 2)

Just got back from the show for Slimcat and 2 and let me tell you, it was totally different from other shows I've been to. For one, the venue was super hard to find, and also WAY TINIER THAN I EXPECTED. LIKE. WOW. I felt like Daisy Bar in Shimokitazawa might've been bigger, but on … Continue reading Live Report 6: MUSIC ZOO Kobe (Slimcat vs 2)


Japanese Etiquette: Rock Concerts

Hey guys! As I develop this blog, I realized that it might be good to share some tips when going to Japanese concerts if you ever get the chance. I'm not an expert on these things, but as someone who's gone to about ten shows so far, here's what I've learned: No pictures. Yes, you … Continue reading Japanese Etiquette: Rock Concerts

Learning through Music: 〇〇が嫌いです

One of my favorite bands, Mrs. Green Apple, released a new single called '春愁(しゅんしゅう)’, or 'Spring Shade' according to Google. I don't have much background on the song, but scrolling through the comments, I saw that the vocalist, Motoki Omori, was targetting students in this song. The main appeal of the song, for me, however, … Continue reading Learning through Music: 〇〇が嫌いです